Royce Casino – Korea’s original online casino site


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    Royce Casino is a living history of Korea’s original online casino site, which started its service in early 2000. It is called Royce Casino or Royce affiliates because they change their names every year through sub-affiliates. Compared to other casino sites that start without capital and withdraw less than 10 million won, they have accumulated tremendous trust in their members for nearly 20 years without any accidents, so what comes to mind when it comes to Royce series is that the word “major site without running away” matches. Royce Casino, which boasts the longest history in Korea and is recognized, is deeply imprinted in trust among high-priced batters in Korea.

    Video company provided by Royce Casino

    Currently, offers a total of seven live casino game video companies and three online slot game video companies, as well as four kinds of mini games and sports betting services. In particular, Baccarat Game is a casino site that boasts real-time batting and provides official games of Salon Game, Micro Game, and N2LIVE.

    Various game options and safety

    Royce Casino offers a comfortable and enjoyable casino experience to its members through a variety of game options and safety, and puts members’ satisfaction first. Through the latest casino games and events, we can say that we are providing the best service to members looking for a casino site.

    Royce Casino Major Coupon Event

    This is the main coupon event at Royce Casino. Conditions may vary for each event at Lois Casino, and please contact the event bulletin board on the site or consult at 24:00 for more information.

    Headquarters benefit event

    • 30,000 won will be paid to the headquarters to commemorate the new launch
    • First deposit 7% re-deposit 7% deposit bonus payment
    • Pay 5% daily luge coupon
    • 5% weekly luge coupon payment
    • Always pay sudden coupons

    Distribution benefit event

    • 100,000 won can be withdrawn from the headquarters
    • 3-5% of headquarters, 2-3% of headquarters, 2% to 2.5% of distribution will be provided with luge coupons will be provided
    • First deposit, re-deposit, deposit bonus paid

    Royce Live Casino Game Company Introduction

    Currently, the Royce casino site offers members casino games from seven different live casino gaming video companies, including Vegas Gaming. Like other casino sites, we have introduced casino games that use formal eggs through formal license agreements rather than using phishing eggs to deceive members, and we provide smooth video transmission and delay-free game videos to members through our own servers.

    • Vegas Gaming
    • Micro Gaming
    • Ho Gaming
    • RT table
    • Salon game
    • Wow, gaming
    • N2 Live game

    Introducing Royce Casino Slot Game Company

    The Royce casino site offers members through a total of seven slot game imaging companies, including micro gaming, which is known for slot games. Like other casino games, it is very important to use verified casino sites because they are adding the latest games through formal licensing agreements rather than using phishing eggs to deceive members, and in the case of slots, if you use phishing sites, you will often not be able to receive the jackpot when the jackpot. Below is a list of major game companies.

    • Vegas slot
    • Micro-slot
    • Slots
    • RT slot
    • Salon Slot
    • Wow and slot
    • N2LIVE Slot